Avatar helios7

i don't even know who owns this car, but the doors were unlocked....

On June 07 2006 36 Views

Avatar manacha

Manacha On 26/03/2008

i donŽt even know if u remember me hehe
but it would be nice to here something from u ^^

Avatar confesion_fans

Confesion_fans On 07/12/2007

Apoyando a la mejor banda, les invitamos a conocer a Confesion en http://www.confesion.cl donde puedes bajar el disco gratis! El fotolog de ellos es http://www.fotolog.com/confesion_flog. Gracias por el espacio

Avatar sapoleada

Sapoleada On 16/10/2007

hehe yo man! everything is great
im living with my danish girlfriend in argentina :)
hehe so life sweet
too much maybe i miss something more agressive
hehe what about you
what are you up to???
where are you??
thanks for the post man
good memories hehe
take care and have fun!!!!!

Avatar ali_elij_wood

Ali_elij_wood On 24/04/2007


Avatar _liza

_liza On 17/06/2006

linda foto :)

Avatar quinhama

Quinhama On 08/06/2006

* howbye:)

Avatar quinhama

Quinhama On 08/06/2006

dandyhou are u?:*

Avatar esined

Esined On 07/06/2006

scarpe wow

Avatar maryannina

Maryannina On 07/06/2006

ahahaha...nono.....like them......they look old fashoned.......classy......^_^'

Avatar maryannina

Maryannina On 07/06/2006

uhh strange sko.....

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