Avatar spk_89

Spk_89 On 05/09/2009

queres trocar/cambiar stickers?
want to swap stickers?


Avatar popartmonkey

Popartmonkey On 31/01/2006

That is so cute.

Avatar army_of_lovers

Army_of_lovers On 28/10/2005

yo heidi...sexy! ;)gruss ausŽm pott!

Avatar loverambo

Loverambo On 26/10/2005

ey,wann kommste mal wieder nach essen, deine sticker sind alle fast schon wieder weg.und lass mal sticker tauschen!!!

Avatar elive

Elive On 22/09/2005

that stickers quality! :)

Avatar _ferrugs_safadin

_ferrugs_safadin On 17/09/2005

.nice.nice stickers styleraa trade stickers [email protected] paZ

Avatar i_hate_this

I_hate_this On 25/08/2005

i hate this

Avatar thril23

Thril23 On 22/08/2005

Hey hally hallo hola - did you get the email with the picture yet.How are you - on vacation?cheers :D

Avatar mietz

Mietz On 22/08/2005

hey good lookin -come over to my flog -weŽre all havin a diner party!

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