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ah, the moment you've all been vaiting for...when i make you envious of my nine birthday party guests ;)

clockwise, from the top:

1) hershey's kisses-- with CARAMEL since i loathe the former but lowe the latter

2) bonne bell lipsmackers-- the PARTY pack

3) pixy stix-- brimful immediately knew why :)

4) crayola GLITTER glue-- b/c i sparkle and so should you

5) neon-vivid bic ballpoints-- an old fave, underappreciated and so useful

6) bindis/pottus*

7) the adorable gift bags i packed everything in

8) atomic fire balls-- b/c i LOVE red, i love cinnamon, i LOVE "atomic"...and i'm fiery

9) cadbury chocolate bunnies-- b/c godiva is lame, THIS is my fave chacko (that's for sini)

10) hispanic jolly rancher pops-- i love lollipops and these flavors were insane: mango, lime, strawberry...

11) mini glitter polish with travel emery board*

12) jeweled winnie the pooh keychain*

13) silver and aqua dangling earrings*

14) gold loreal loose eyeshadow*

15) dr. pepper lipsmacker for brimful, to remind her of J.Su

16) blueberry-scented glitter nailpolish*

17) burt's bees almond hand cream*

18) hershey's kisses-- DARK chacko, b/c it's healthy and i want my girls to be well (and chock full o' antioxidants)

19) peony bath+bodyworks bodysplash*

20) shimmery pink platinum nail laquer from ulta*

*all of the candy, glitter, pens et al were divided evenly and perfected among nine; each girl also got something fun which was only for her, that's what the asterisk indicates. :) i'm happy to report EVERYONE loved their "prize" even though i exhorted them to trade or whatever if they didn't like their special something. :)

the giftbags were a HUGE hit. jtmoney said it reminded her of "second-grade bday parties" ;) and that is EXACTLY what i was going for. it was a perfect, meaningful, shimmering evening and these cute little trinkets are a pittance compared to what each of my guests' words, hugs and smiles gave me.

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Cutiechicka123 On 20/10/2006

I loved the cute little nail polishes!!!!!!! Thx!:)

Avatar cla_lissa

Cla_lissa On 27/02/2006

i loved your pens and glues;)

Avatar scorps1027

Scorps1027 On 31/01/2006

i'm jealous! not only did you girls have a great dinner, but you got party bags that were personalized and well-thought out by Ms. Anna! sighhh.

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Brimful On 30/01/2006

Yay for schwag-bags!

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[email protected] On 30/01/2006

I think you must be an awesome friend--fun & thoughtful all at the same time!

Avatar yasmine

Yasmine On 30/01/2006

DUDE. I'm still stuck on staring at the lipsmackers! and the DANGLY EARRINGS! and pixy stix! All of my favorite things, all in one place. ANNA, hi, can we be friends?

Avatar afterthoughts26

Afterthoughts26 On 30/01/2006

i loved my giftbag with number 14..i was looking at mine on the metro on the way back and everyone around me was green with envy. woohoo!

Avatar kovoor36

Kovoor36 On 30/01/2006

so cute! i love the idea of giving out party bags now!! esp since my parents never did that for us as kids!!:)

Avatar julie

Julie On 30/01/2006

george already ate some of the chocolate. i told him the glitter pen and pottus are MINE tho. =) thanks so much for reminding me of those innocent childhood birthdays!

Avatar krustymol

Krustymol On 30/01/2006

I LOWVE my giftbag. :-)

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