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what's this? an update for WIMP? like a YEAR late? and it's not even a real WIMP! the nerve of this bitch! vat the blooooody hell?

ah, this is actually:



since julie, lisa, shirley, sumy and krusty are all fotologgers who are attending, i won't spoil their surprises. :) but i will quickly mutter the following string of words which mean NOTHING, i swear:

bath+bodyworks, bonne bell, burt's bees, h+m, loreal, ulta, winnie the pooh... :) :) :)

i LOVE doing shtuff like this. hope the nine fabulous females who will grace my dinner tonight like their goodies. the restaurant just called to confirm a reservation for ten; now it's only four hours until my birthday finally gets celebrated RIGHT. :D

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Avatar sunu

Sunu On 30/01/2006

how cool are you?? that's so sweet of you to get them all gift bags!! =*( this is only making me more jealous

Avatar kovoor36

Kovoor36 On 30/01/2006

very sweet! i hope all enjoyed!!

Avatar julie

Julie On 30/01/2006

i love how we received random bags that were PERFECT for each of us respectively! sumy with the earrings? me with the bindi! shirley with the pooh! thanks so much for putting all this effort into making the bags. i loved it!

Avatar sixth_one

Sixth_one On 29/01/2006

oh, sounds like so much fun~

Avatar theslazman

Theslazman On 29/01/2006

Hey Anna - sorry couldnt make it (as if I could)........hope you have a fun night.

Avatar scorps1027

Scorps1027 On 29/01/2006

that is so very sweet of you. cosmetics, chocolate and pooh...what more can a girl want?? enjoy your bday dinner!!

Avatar joykee

Joykee On 29/01/2006

awww...i LOVE that you're making gift bags...enjoy YOUR night!!

Avatar cookiemonsta

Cookiemonsta On 29/01/2006

maaan.. now i wish i was there for the dinner :) Enjoy the dinner.. and the gifts ----girls! I WANT IT!!

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