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what was in my purse yesterday, thursday the 21st...

1) trader joe`s receipt for $76

2) ice breakers cinnamon liquid ice-- more annoying than the commercial, if you can believe it. total waste

3) iPod shuffle loaded with MIA, keane, ps and tupac

4) random ducats

5) jcrew magic wallet

6) solitary quarter

7) duWop lip venom flash in silver. (also cinnamon-y)


On April 22 2005 20 Views

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Adventure Tourism On 09/11/2005

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Avatar dystophia

Dystophia On 30/10/2005

ice breakers?saludoZ! x)

Avatar vi_reggae_roots

Vi_reggae_roots On 11/08/2005

Blessed Ites

Avatar jeesho

Jeesho On 23/05/2005

oooh is that duwop venom any good? i saw it @ sephora and its supposed to help plump up lips...

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Anika On 02/05/2005

cool site... i love snooping through people`s bags.

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Anika On 02/05/2005

cool site... i love snooping through people`s bags.

Avatar cookiemonsta

Cookiemonsta On 22/04/2005

Bop duwop, bop duwop, bop duwop

Avatar scorps1027

Scorps1027 On 22/04/2005

i agree about the ice breakers--total waste. but i did try that altoids gum and it rocks!!!

Avatar theslazman

Theslazman On 22/04/2005

2 pac rocks!

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