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on friday night, i unexpectedly ended up at tryst, in adams morgan. i took a tiny (the contents fit, with nary a cm to spare) beaded clutch with me. inside:

1) my keys, including the little sensor that gets me in my new building/gym/business center, etc etc.

2) fantastic invention-- oral b "brush up". i bought a case of them. how can you resist a kooky commercial where the actors use jazz hands while twirling about the ny subway? oh, and they work, too.

3) chanel red glossimer

4) mobile that DOES NOT WORK thanks to a ludicrous software issue that was allegedly fixed four months ago. *$#@^%[email protected][email protected]!!!

5) tiny, powerful, tortoise-esque clippie for hair.

that`s all, folks...

On October 25 2004 14 Views

Avatar nofx_insane

Nofx_insane On 15/12/2004


Avatar dary_garza_

Dary_garza_ On 22/11/2004

heheh...ur phone is a sprint phone...rigth??i work for sprint...hi from mexico!!

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Um On 20/11/2004

who carries a BIBLE in their *purse*? are you trying to make a statement on how she`s a sinner or something? wtf...?

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Someone_who_reads_ur_blogs_regularly On 20/11/2004

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Avatar nofx_insane

Nofx_insane On 17/11/2004

sorry mi english sucks

Avatar nofx_insane

Nofx_insane On 17/11/2004

nice girl!you are great!i lovebrusp ups, can u send me six form that to buenos aires? [email protected]

Avatar cookiemonsta

Cookiemonsta On 27/10/2004

ooh i like the lil` bag!

Avatar suitablegirl

Suitablegirl On 25/10/2004

i love having things in common with someone so cool. :)

Avatar theslazman

Theslazman On 25/10/2004

HEY I have the same sensor to get into my building!!!!!!!!! ANNNNNNNNNDDDDDD I have the same keys! WE ROCK!

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