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in my purse yesterday, Sunday the 10th.

clockwise from top-middle:

1) trusty MB roller (peeking out from purse)

2) cardstock from Nordstrom/Tyson`s Corner`s fine fragrance dept, bearing spritz of something for men, from Hermes, which i absosmurfly love. i wanted my purse to `mell like it, so i`m keeping it in there.

3) jcrew magic wallet w/DC metro card and check card peeking

4) most favoured pink automatic pencil, b/c i was shtudying

5) orphan dollar bill

6) napkin from D and D, where i was studying yesterday

7) jeweled butterfly hairclip

8) tortoise sunglasses that hold hair purrrfectly

9) matching tortoise clip (used in an impromptu way to keep pages in my book from flying about on a windy sunday outside-- call me McGuyver-ette and call it a day ;)

10) quarter

11) spare battery (for camera) that i lost a month ago, and found on sunday (thank goodness- that damned thing was $$$)

12) cold and flu meds :(


13) Sephora brand champagne-coloured lipstick

14) MAC lipglass

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Shalu On 27/11/2004

studying? I try to avoid that at all costs. what are you up to didi?

Avatar suddenlysusan

Suddenlysusan On 16/10/2004

Don`t you just love MAC lip gloss?? it`s the best...try "lipglass" you might like that too.

Avatar suitablegirl

Suitablegirl On 12/10/2004

good eyes on YOU, kid! :D

Avatar theslazman

Theslazman On 12/10/2004

Hey are those vicks something for the cold flu. Looks just like that! I took some over the weekend. They are just fantastic! Great to see you post some stuff:)

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