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this is what is in my summer purse right this second, rolex-wise from the top:

1) money that should be in item no. 7.

2) hubba bubba`s new sour berry bubble gum. i haven`t had HB for yeeeears. when i was small i was loyal to its competitor, bubble yum or bubblicious, can`t remember. anyway, this is yummier than i thought it would be. way sour. yum.

3) blue plastic butterfly ring that was atop the last cupcake i ate.

4) pencil. i`m "actively" reading an amazing new book, so i suddenly need to carry a pencil everywhere. (thanks ennis!) :)

5) sour starburst.

6) altoid gum.

7) j. crew wallet from the flagship rock center store, w/gold debit card and GW i.d. peeking.

8) Loreal colour juice sheer juicy lip gloss in no.310, Raspberry Smash. it looks lovely-natural on...like you are 15 and just *vital*.

9) more money.

10) pentel metallic gel pen in lilac.

11) belly ring that i took out for no good reason: it`s a silver ball up top, and the gem flower peeks from your actual..."button". very cute. worry not, unlike my nose, THIS hole won`t close. i`ve had it for over a decade, so it`s not bloody likely.

12) plastic flowery change purse that i once got for free at a Hello Kitty store, in a "surprise bag".

13) tiffany and co. charm bracelet that my sister bought me in the beginning of 2000, long before every suburban retard sported one, or a fake variation of same. i can`t remember where i was two days ago, but every other female was wearing this or the heart one, and they were all tools, so i gave in to my internal peer pressure and took it off. i love it though, reminds me of veena. :)

14) google adsense mini-book. you know those little ads i have on my blogs? that are supposed to make me money? well i think google noticed that they AREN`T so they sent this excruciatingly cute little guide to GETTING MY SHIT TOGETHER.

15) toe ring that was ouching me.

16) MY NEWEST ADDICTION: revlon super lustrous lipgloss in "Shine City". it`s the sweetest, most pleasing pale pink colour in the tube, but goes on clear. AND i got it for free, b/c it was BOGO at walgreens. if it`s good enough for rene rockefeller, fuck it, it`s good enough for me. (and we wear the same colour, too!)

17) more money.

18) fuschia sharpie. i love the pretty coloured ones. hell, i just love sharpies.

19) black hair elastic that my mom borrowed a few hours ago.

20) pentel metallic green gel pen.

21) ubiquitous mont blanc rollerball.

22) flexible tension clip for hair.

see? i`m updating! :)

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EOFIA On 15/09/2004

I would love to see a purse update. GC would love it too!

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Eofia On 07/09/2004

Update! Update! BTW -- I love your stuff on SM!

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Suitablegirl On 20/08/2004

kavi-- you are SO right...we *are* the only ones who call it that! i hope you have a fantastic weekend! :)

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Kavi :) On 20/08/2004

Latha, it`s so cute that u still call it the Hello Kitty store too! Only the people from "our days" still call it that, huh? Have a great weekend! :)

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