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you whined about a lack of WIMP? you got wimp.

you are even getting a SPECIAL, "guest" wimp, in honour of my sister coming home for the first time this year. you see, this is HER purse that i spontaneously emptied on the floor of her room. she`s a very tolerant sister. didn`t even raise an eyebrow-- and no, she`s not that familiar w/the online empire. in fact, i don`t think she`s ever commented, not even once. (unbelievable!)

anyway, this is the adorrrrrable purse i bought her when i was back east; we were like a sprint advert unfolding before your very eyes. i saw it, fell in love, called her, tried to describe it/the colours it was available in...and then i was seized by brilliance;

me: omg. i`m so going to be a commercial...and send you picturemail of it.

v: the purse???

me: YES.

v: oh. okay. call me after you send it, and i`ll tell you what i think.

me: no, YOU call me after you receive it and tell me which colour you like better, i`m only photographing the white and the pink...i`m making an executive decision for you-- the black is ugly.

v: all right, i`ll be waiting.

me: (surreptitious click, b/c photog. is NOT allowed in this store)

S: ah, the beauty of technology...how long have you been waiting for that to send?

me: a minute or two?

s: try over there. it`s better reception.

me: okay...

v: hello? the white one, totally. like you said. it seems kind of...weirdly sized.

me: no. it is perfect. white it is. omg, wasn`t that totally like a commercial? i sent you picture mail!!!

v: yeah, you did...okay i have to get back in the office...call me later.

me: FINALLY, the $15 you make me pay monthly for sprint vision is worth it. okay, bye.
on to the REAL reason why you flock/stalk here...the contents:

1) carribean cool deo. i have no idea why she was carrying this. as soon as i dumped her purse out, i was like, "do you want me to get you a travel-sized?" and she said no...b/c she never carries her anti-perspirant with her. guess this is one of the bizarre little anomalies that make WIMP so fun. anyway, let`s clarify: no, my sister neither sweats nor smells in any extraordinary way. whatever.

2) kiehl`s tinted lip balm w/spf...veen is so loyal to this, that it was one of the reasons she made the trip (and you thought *i* was a slave to fashion and beauty!)...apparently it`s impossible to find this exact shade of kiehl`s down where she is stationed. i won`t mock her-- it`s amazing stuff, especially for a girl like her who doesn`t wear much lip gloss/sticks to neutral lip colours b/c of her job...

3) military ID!

4) american eagle lip gloss pot w/champagne frosty colour inside, in the shape of a daisy. so cute!

5) veena`s platinum cc w/the ladybug (soooo cute!), her CADL, and her other credit cards, helter-skelter.

6) shitty eclipse gum in blister pack...once you chew altoids gum, you NEVER go back.

7) MAC studio fix powder-- my LEAST favourite powder EVER. i think it`s SHIT. she loves it. sigh. not *all* of my good taste made it over to her pretty little head. ;)

8) a cadbury creme egg i saved her. veen and i are cad-addicts. we stock up at easter and refridge/freeze so that we`re eating mini and other eggs well in to summer

9) veena`s ugly brown loreal lipstick. it`s dark brown. it`s boring. it`s her favourite. gah.

10) $0.09

11) an errant mint chiclet.

isn`t my sister cute? :D

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Moredogseat On 22/07/2004

one prepared lady

Avatar thali7

Thali7 On 21/07/2004


Avatar cla_lissa

Cla_lissa On 08/07/2004

I canŽt believe we use the same deodorant ... lol

Avatar power_rods

Power_rods On 05/07/2004


Avatar suitablegirl

Suitablegirl On 02/07/2004

theo, there`s a new WIMP from the day before this, too. and i know it`s been ages... :(

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Theo Door On 02/07/2004

WIMP! It`s a purse! Wow ... It has been ages. I forgot about this blog ...

Avatar suitablegirl

Suitablegirl On 01/07/2004

awww, you`re welcome :D

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Kali :) On 30/06/2004

omgomgomg!!! i yam so wimp blissed out! yayayay! seriously -sho waaay too much excitement to handle!!! cuute purse! cuuute sister! cuuute anna! ohmygoodness i yam sooo happy about wimp withdrawal being oh-so-over!!! mwa!

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