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What's in my Onam-purse (please disregard the fact that this is fully a month late)?

clockwise, from upper left:

- business cards, both personal and for Sepia Mutiny

- silk orchid-adorned bobby pins, for my old-skool Nair-hair

- urban decay lip gloss in mai tai

- chanel double perfection powder

- discontinued body shop cream eye shadow in platinum/gold

- red/metal wallet filled with ID + cards

- blinged out mobile

- very pretty flower pin, in case the mundum neriyathum needed shoulder-securing

- bourjois paris Coup de Theatre! mascara

- perfect, yet discontinued black elastic from Goody :(

- ancient, discontinued bath and bodyworks lipstick in "red currant"

- chocolate from "tandoori nights", the lounge i had mango martinis at apres-onam

- travel-sized jasmine vanilla hand lotion from BBW aromatherapy line

- onam pottu! (don't know what i'll do when i run out...these are so pretty and they are my fave bindis of all time)

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R On 23/11/2006

anna, long time no update! saw a pic of ur coach bag on flickr? can we have an update on that...plssss! :)

Avatar yasmine

Yasmine On 14/11/2006

ANNA, update this more often, please! =)

Avatar indiemol

Indiemol On 12/10/2006

i love this flog and wish to see more of it :) love, love, love the purse. very fabulous makeup items here. do you love the bourjois paris mascara? haven't decided on one that i love just yet.

Avatar soulsysta

Soulsysta On 11/10/2006

love the purse - i cannot lie.

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