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To Kill a mocking bird is silence the song that seduces you, why? 'cos you need that desire in your heart to survive and you need that burning fire in your soul to know you're still alive, to catch me when I fall, or did I dive at your delight? In my heart I can fly, and I cannot desguise my love. There is no time, and I wouldnt know
how, constellations tonight are so fearsomely bright my love, I have no fear, I am Atticus now. Remembering what I lost like hot coals in my hands from days gone by, like pandora adored the youphoria as her heart raced, like love lost, you've got to try even in vain, feels like you'll go insane. But you're the heardest instrument, that I've ever had to play. In my heart I can fly and I cannot disguise my love, there is no time, I am attics now. So why don't we fall into the waves? Can't you see how my heart yearns to Mis-behave? In my heart I can fly and I cannot disguise my love I have no fear left, I am attics now ♥

Me gusta como quedaron algunas de estas fotos :z puede que cuando las vaya subiendo las odie, nada se sabe. Subí fic/novela o lo que sea en http://threewholewordsandeightletters.tumblr.com/ y probablemente cuando termine este suba un mini-fic y esta vez en serio, no pasara los 10 capítulos cortos :3 y el protagonista será...Josh Franceschi *O* es todo lo que puedo decir. Ese sería el ultimo fic, en realidad no porque yo creo que lo escribiré completo antes de que termine el de ahora, ya eso, adiós.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Priskadidit
Tumblr: http://youremovingforward.tumblr.com/
Tumblr de fic/novela o lo que sea: http://threewholewordsandeightletters.tumblr.com/
Formspring: http://www.formspring.me/Priskadidit
Mi otro fotolog (Florence Welch): http://www.fotolog.com/louderthansirens

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    Subi tu foto mas linda de 30 seconds.. :D

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    This is a fotolog group about people that wears Dropdead clothing, that is characterized by their innovative, coloured and original designs.-

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