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Found this little guy hanging out on our floor last night... YIKES!

On October 01 2003 34 Views

Avatar s_c_b

S_c_b On 07/08/2004

i love your name...happyweeble is awesome...we love sushi too!

Avatar linda

Linda On 21/11/2003

where was I when that sushi was being served?

Avatar aly

Aly On 30/10/2003

yeah, i actually saw it that morning, but i just left it, hoping you would do something with it

Avatar scott

Scott On 16/10/2003

yes! they both saw it and then fainted. ok, well they didn`t faint, but they DID see it!

Avatar angie

Angie On 16/10/2003

UGH!!!!! Did Amanda or Elise see it?

Avatar ted

Ted On 01/10/2003

i didn`t know you let your kids run around the house like that.


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