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Guisselle Figueroa Marchant

Guisselle Figueroa Marchant


Guisselle Figueroa M Ignacia Figueroa Mar Colegio Teresa de lo

On July 16 2014 at Bulnes, Bío-Bío, Chile 44 Views

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Amoxenyte On 18/07/2014

Strangely -women around my hometown are so strange due to how they respond to me here in the state of Utah that I feel they don't have a half chance of finding the right fellow because their way slow "no hello to a guy first" syndrome. All the other towns I lived in outside Utah was the complete opposite. "I guess that's why there are way more bigger populations of people outside Utah in the north American states. "That's why I feel its retarded and more boring here" too. Now you go to a Mormon church -it's the same. But most men that live across Utah do agree.... that going out with them and leaving them is way to much easier than being bonked on the head and dragged into a marriage hell. Thoughts fr/ {men that drink fire-water and are sit-back relaxed drinking and smoking all day}. But "I on the other hand". Think they just want to get bonked and lose their drinking & smoking privileges and actually want to live the marriage dream-life. HAHH "LOL" "Here you can tell this one is married and has future plans! It's written all over her face." ;o) <3

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