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Fotos chistosas que esconden mensajes subliminales de pena

I thought of you again today
Reminded me how with time i've changed
If you only knew what you gave to me
Now you can't be found

You were the first I trusted
I learned what love is
When we were just kids

When did you get so lost?
And how could you think you’d be better off?

It’s a wonderful, wonderful life
Why’d you have to say goodbye
It’s a wonderful, wonderful life
Such a wonderful, wonderful life

On October 09 2009 12 Views

Avatar bluburbu

Bluburbu On 12/10/2009

ÑEK...es una pelota de pelusas kon ojos....jjajja...leo....tub un mla tarde el viernes perdoname.....po no ir.......fuiste?????

Avatar sugargrrl

Sugargrrl On 11/10/2009

ayyy pobresito!!!

Avatar trakinalf

Trakinalf On 09/10/2009


Avatar x_nazhiio_x

X_nazhiio_x On 09/10/2009

efes¿? Cuidate!

Avatar track03

Track03 On 09/10/2009

que miedo weonnnn
y teniai las uñas pintás.

Avatar gripe_aviar

Gripe_aviar On 09/10/2009

se sabe que esta foto es vieja por mi colección de flyers en la pared xD

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