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Shades of Young Alanis Morissette Are Heard In Danielle Antonio

Shades of young Alanis Morissette are heard in the passionate voice of original female artist Danielle Antonio. This is definitely evident in the newest single by the singer/songwriter, “Freedom and Philosophy.” The latest in a long line of female artists who have used their musical abilities to discuss the realities of life, Danielle Antonio is an exciting new addition to this fine musical heritage. In her lyrics Danielle speaks truth to issues such as the intricacies of human relationships and also takes on the daunting task of unraveling emotions and social customs. In a similar way that artists such as Alanis Morissette were able to inject meaning into their music, Danielle Antonio breathes life and gives dimension to her expertly crafted tunes with her discourse. Danielle’s lyrics which are sometimes brutally honest, are cleverly wrapped in stirring melodies and hauntingly beautiful vocals.

Check out her single “Freedom and Philosophy” on iTunes at: http://bit.ly/DanielleAntonio-iTunes and on Reverbnation at: http://bit.ly/DanielleAntonio-RN. For more information check out her website at www.DanielleAntonio.com and also follow her on Twitter at: http://bit.ly/DanielleAntonio-TW.

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