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I’m Always Looking For More American Standards Covers

I’m always trying to keep my eyes peeled for artists doing covers of American standards like from the Great American Songbook, they’re my absolute favorite! I just loved Annie Lennox’s latest standards album Nostalgia which led me to discover this phenomenal singer Delilah. Delilah just released an EP titled “Sarah +1, A Tribute to Sarah Vaughan” where she does these lovely covers of some Sarah Vaughan hits. The plus 1 track is a beautiful rendition of Charlie Chaplin’s Smile from the movie Modern Times. How cool is that? You can listen to Smile on Soundcloud at: http://bit.ly/Delilah-Smile (it’s my favorite off the album!)

I found out about Delilah from listening to Martini in the Morning, cause the host Brad Chambers said “The charts and her vocals underscore Delilah's commitment to taking timeless tunes like Charlie Chaplin's music, John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons' lyrics and making her ‘Smile’ a totally new creation. She's fresh, she's contemporary, she respects the heritage of these ‘Great American Songbook’ titles.” I’ve been hooked ever since! She also has a Facebook at: http://bit.ly/DelilahFacebook and website www.DelilahMusic.com. If you loved what you heard, you can get “Sarah +1” on iTunes at: http://bit.ly/DE-iTunes

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