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That's a good name for them.

2 April 2012

Grammarpuss's settings leave me unable to comment on other people's Grammarpuss postings. Could someone please fix that?


12 August 2012


______one of your photo is becoming popular ...

Reactions on your photos...

______has answered to your comment...

You have one FLASHS on your photo.


And now for the quiz:

Which is "the first photo sharing website with more than 32 million users" that cannot bother to write in the language of some millions of its users but instead appears to "employ" the Google Translator to interpret its directions and communications?

Bonus question: Which photo-sharing Web site cannot be bothered for four months to respond to technical problems from loyal members who have posted 3,226 images and who may never post here again?

I am certainly stumped.

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Nousku On 05/10/2012

Sorry they won..



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