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psy.geo.CONFLUX May 13 - 16, 2004 . NYC Part festival and part conference, psy.geo.CONFLUX brings together visual and sound artists, writers, urban adventurers and the public to explore the physical and psychological landscape of the city. Events from Thursday through Sunday include experimental walks with altered maps and navigational aids; high-tech drifts using wearable computing devices; a human-scale chess game in south Williamsburg; a walking presentation of an urban documentary commissioned by the New Museum of Contemporary Art; a series of temporary installations, lectures, audio and video works and more. <A HREF="" TARGET=_top></A> CONTRIBUTE! Upload your photos of the CONFLUX to this Fotolog by clicking "upload a photo to this group". You need to register [free] with Fotolog in order to upload. MOBLOG IT - here`s how: <A HREF="" TARGET=_top></A> FINE PRINT: All photos on this Fotolog are protected under a Creative Commons License: <A HREF="" TARGET=_top></A> By posting photographs, you agree to the terms of the license, and acknowledge that photos may be used for the purposes of education, publicity, development and documentation in relation to psy.geo.CONFLUX. Glowlab reserves the right to delete any photograph without notice. For any questions, contact info [at] glowlab [dot] com.] This Fotolog is maintained by Glowlab, a Brooklyn-based arts lab for psychogeography and public-space arts.

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