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The eternal traveller

He knew the folly of having friends. Friendship was a responsibility; it demanded making an effort to nurture relations and never asking why. It meant expectations and subsequent disappointments. A lone traveller needed no friends; what he needed to cultivate were acquaintances. Someone to pass the time of the day with. Someone who would find him a bed for the night and a meal, if he were to ask for one. Someone who would see him leave with little more than a sigh.

Anita Nair, Idris - Keeper of the Light

On April 29 2015 at Midway Islands 152 Views

Avatar 4ine

4ine On 04/05/2015

undoing ties and leaving like a lonesome cow-boy....


Avatar gourdon

Gourdon On 03/05/2015

Your text is the definition of Fotolog!

And your photo is the reason why fotolog is so wonderful in spite of everything.

Avatar 4ine

4ine On 04/05/2015

yes! you're right !

Avatar hall2002

Hall2002 On 03/05/2015

Nous mourrons seuls...
Pourquoi ne pas vivre ensemble ?

Je ne peux voyager seul.
J'ai besoin de quelqu'un pour partager chaque instant de découverte...

We die alone ...
Why not live together ?

I can not travel alone.
I need someone to share every moment of discovery ...

Have a nice day !

Avatar elkstar

Elkstar On 03/05/2015

makes me think a lot.
and the photo... the photo is beautiful, laura, just it.

Avatar luaceltafoto

Luaceltafoto On 02/05/2015

nice photo, nice text

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