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Indian Taco

Went to the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto on Saturday for a craft sale. Lunched on Indian taco (example seen here). The Indian taco replaces tortilla with bannock, but is otherwise similar. Very sustaining. The bannock sits in your stomach for hours afterwards, slowly digesting.

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Avatar pamelaadam

Pamelaadam On 11/02/2012

all your pne liners and comments over the last 9 years gone in a puff of code

Avatar pamelaadam

Pamelaadam On 08/02/2012

mm bannock .. so what do you think of this new flog ?

Avatar gertrudsdottir

Gertrudsdottir On 06/02/2012

bon appétit !

Avatar tooshy

Tooshy On 06/02/2012

It looks good

Avatar carmen_cepillo

Carmen_cepillo On 06/02/2012



Avatar mindmap

Mindmap On 06/02/2012

Indian? Taco?
Global cuisine!

Avatar pwolman

Pwolman On 05/02/2012

No Canadian bacon ?

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