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Cods Tongues and Scrunchions

Newfoundland has its own distinct culture. The speech is basically an Irish brogue, from Waterford. The province has strong ties to the sea, and its most distinctive dishes combine Irishness and the sea. Seen here, on my plate in Velma's Kitchen (Water Street, St Johns NF) is a helping of cods tongues (it is exactly what it sounds) garnished with pan-fried scrunchions. Scrunchions are made from cured pork belly fat cubed and pan fried.

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Avatar evertrip

Evertrip On 29/04/2010

I think that scrunchios is what we call Torresmo ... Do you think it was a good side dish for cods tongues ? i got quite curious about how the codes tongues tastes like ... and what a kind texture they have.

Great to find here different dishes from far away lands ....


Avatar pamelaadam

Pamelaadam On 29/04/2010


Avatar gertrudsdottir

Gertrudsdottir On 29/04/2010

Annie Proulx made NF cods' tongues world famous in The Shipping News.

Avatar mindmap

Mindmap On 29/04/2010

I have heard that the old folks here made
jelly from breams tongues! On that time they
should have cathed hundreds of breams to get
tongues enough for one dinner.
Why not - if they are cods tongues they
would taste as cod. Do you have better suggestions?

Avatar alansky22

Alansky22 On 29/04/2010

Well I'd give it a go
...but where's the Chablis to wash it down? ;-)

Avatar geogblog

Geogblog On 28/04/2010

Cod tongues taste like cod. Not impressive, but I'm glad I tried it.

Avatar pwolman

Pwolman On 28/04/2010

I believe that scrunchions are basically what the U.S. Southerners call pork rinds.

Back in New York, I think they are called cuchifritos, at least in the Puerto Rican and Spanish-speaking neighborhoods, from the American Spanish cuchí (an alteration of cochino, or "pig").

That usage must be carefully distinguished from another ethnicity's use of the root homonym that I'm certain fotolog would censor were I to write it here.

As for cods' tongues, you got me, but I'll bet my Fischadler would know....

Bests, Paul

Avatar ajs

Ajs On 28/04/2010

What do cods tongues taste like? Never heard of them! Looks an interesting plate of food!

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