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Cape Harrison, Labrador

A dangerous leeward coast in the days of sail. Even in the clearing weather the Northern Ranger was really rolling.

On October 29 2009 12 Views

Avatar elkstar

Elkstar On 30/10/2009

i like the stormy look... but i am happy tohave my feet on solid ground! ;)

Avatar hikingangel

Hikingangel On 30/10/2009

wow rough water wonderful pic

Avatar gertrudsdottir

Gertrudsdottir On 30/10/2009

Love your grand-uncle anecdote. I can tell you, I'd be one of the grey-haired walking-aid ladies fighting to get close. There's such scarcity of men in these homes, and large concentrations of chattering lone females (of any age) are not my cup of tea.

Avatar ajs

Ajs On 30/10/2009

It'd be a two-legged dishwasher even now. The gold would come off in a machine.

That's a choppy sea! Fabulous light on those waves though!

Avatar zekemie

Zekemie On 29/10/2009

You caught the feeling of the northern, cold and icy ocean. It looks like it is getting ready to freeze.

Avatar gertrudsdottir

Gertrudsdottir On 29/10/2009

You caught a spectacular scene there. Wouldn't like to be in there in my dinghy :)

Re starlings - they're something of a pest here, too. Flock the towns, eat the berries, cover sidewalks and cars in droppings, etc. Apart from all that, the flocks are a thing to watch (and listen to).

Avatar naoseidasquantas

Naoseidasquantas On 29/10/2009

the water looks like milk. dangerous and cold milk.

Avatar dibabittersweet

Dibabittersweet On 29/10/2009

impressive black&white..

take care

Avatar alansky22

Alansky22 On 29/10/2009

Looks VERY dangerous.

Did you ever read 'Set of the Sails' by Alan Villier? Great true story of the final days of the last tea-clippers racing round Cape Horn :-) Stirs the blood :-) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Villiers

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