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Barcelona 19 Feb 2012

Passeig de Gràcia: Catalan giants demonstrate against spending cuts.

On February 29 2012 at Toronto, Ontario, Canada 36 Views

Digital camera : Sony / Cybershot HX9V

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Gertrudsdottir On 02/03/2012

You have zero views, yet four comments. The struggle goes on.

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Elkstar On 01/03/2012

i never tagged anything so i don't know.
as about censorship, it was always there, also before, there were not-allowed words, in comments, such as "tribunal" also before the "big change" soi don't notice many differences.
a good friend of mine is heading there today :).. sooner or later i'm going to visit there as well

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Pwolman On 01/03/2012

I envy your trip to Barcelona. But I will be there in late May / early June.


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Geogblog On 29/02/2012

Is anyone else having difficulty with Fotolog's tag, caption and comments censorship system?

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