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This is a small part of the backside of Uludag. We haven`t skied it yet because the conditions are very sketchy, but as it continues to snow and slough, we`re waiting eagerly.

On January 29 2004 1 Views

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Chasinstevo On 21/10/2004

Woah! Steep and deep is what the search is all about dude pray it keeps fallin!

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Mr_ada On 19/08/2004

this photo is nice

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Irish On 29/01/2004

dude, you`re creating much envy here in NY.

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Evil_robot_ted On 29/01/2004

oh man i`d join you on that!

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www.kolisk.blogger.com.br On 29/01/2004

is your new flog is very nice

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Eh_pegadinha On 29/01/2004

very nice pic

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Anonimate On 29/01/2004

uau!...its very beautifulkisses bye


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