Avatar nico_17man

Nico_17man On 08/07/2010

ja ja seguro se les despego y lo dio vuelta....aca un compañerp de papa le paso lo mismo cn el 260 lo dio vuelta y qdo 290 ....

Avatar lucas_tresa

Lucas_tresa On 06/07/2010

es un 360 q bobos
los q le dan vuelta
el 6



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Architecture, stations, pumps, details, and people filling gas etc., all around the world.
Please, identify the country and city where the picture was taken as well as date it was taken.
Price of gasoline is also interesting.

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    Post your Lighthouse pictures. Lets try to keep only one picture per lighthouse/per person (don`t send 5 pictures of the same lighthouse all in one day). Please only post original work. Include a description of the lighthouse, where it is located etc.

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    Bueno, aca un flog de camiones espero que les guste ;D! saludos a todo el mundo.

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