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Awesome Facts People Should Know About Vampires and Zombies

This Halloween season the talk about ghosts, witches, monsters, vampires and zombies is a natural thing. People talk about these creatures not just for the sake of pop culture but they can also be considered as part of our very existence.
Vampires are portraits as the handsome and hypnotically irresistible once you get in to their snare you’ll be sucked out of blood. In contrast with the zombies, this undead thing is the ugliest, gruesome and deteriorating creatures you’ll ever meet; they will revel on your fresh flesh once they caught you. We are wondering how these dark creatures come up to existence. Some say it’s a product of our wild imagination and some say it do because of some written evidence that they do really exist and experience it personally (so we really don’t know).
Well it’s hallows eve, for kids this is the time for costume parties, decorating pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns and trick-or-treating. Let’s set aside the scary thing and let us enjoy the festive air of Halloween this time of the year.
Here’s a Halloween treat from afterschool.ae, the biggest booking manage platform for kids activities in Dubai – Vampire and Zombies fun facts for Spooky Halloween (Infographic)

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