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My Home Sweet Home

I once lived in a shanty in the last of the Texas Hill-Billy Country. When I least expected it. I would soon find myself meeting up with some bones of a fella that had to run from a crazy drunken woman that had him under a spell and couldn't afford to let him leave their home out in the hills of the Maiden Circle of one the last "rain forests" which was home to Texas back in the 90's. Shortly I decided to build this huge cage to trap her in just in case I had ran into her while living there for a few months. Learning how to grow produce organically until I did well. Then I would return to Utah. But before I would, I would discover some mean other gals living not to far away. In which I thought would be nice and funny sweet ole gals! Then later at a reasonable time period I would go walking a distance traveling alone into the under-brush and under large cedar trees and oak to realize I walked onto the wrong property. First three gals rushed in on me to figure out where I had came from. Then they begin to ask me how I arrived on their personal private resort. So I exclaimed the facts and they then would decide to give me a "good scare"

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    Fotolog creado para plasmar toda la onda retro, estilo vintage, ya sea en moda y música, pero sólo de los años 80!

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