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Beautiful Chubby Girls displayed this foto (photo) and I bit.

I had to find something more different to edit and tag to adding bits and pieces of my animal crackers - cookie crumbs and with glue it worked.

"Look at all the vibrant colors added now! I wonder if she will ever catch on what I did to her.

I have done oodles of different strangers and now I'm working on a sculpture to help enhance my photo collection and to get that added additional attraction.

And by the way' I ate some cactus not to long ago that was of a indoor and outdoor sort with even seven lobes and it about killed me. Its needles grow bent over and look like five point stars covering it fully. It caused all my Capillaries shrink-fast all around my stomach - chest and later the calves at a fast speed.

In about an hour I was seeing every site around me in the color of gold. And that's what I was doing and looking for. ....."LOL" when I gotten thirsty for something to drink. After hiking up and down a mountain side.

A friend and myself saw a rattlesnake on our way up. "That must of been a serious sign. "What do you all think?" To relax spasms: Drink real water for up to two whole gallons. (It took an hour to seek medical attention with help from my friend). And we were two hours and a half, away, where I gotten the poison in me.

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Johncolvin On 20/05/2015

pretty cool

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    Grupo de poesia y mar.

    y en la playa chicas en bikini.

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    Espacio para subir las mejores y tiernas imagenes de muñecas de todo tipo
    que tuvimos en nuestra niñez .

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