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From a mythological and cultural perspective, greek island of lesbos was disrupt by Alexander the great and then is conquered by Alexander the Great's Greek empire. Greek island of Lesbos was revered almost as much as Homer in classical antiquity. Plato called her the Tenth Muse

Sappho (Figure) was a Greek lyric
poet, and according to various sources (e.g.,
Campbell, 1982; Page, 1955) she was born
between 630 and 612 BC in either Eressos or
Mytilene on the island of Lesbos, and died
around 570 BC. In antiquity, Sappho

Sappho was a Greek lyric poet, born on the island of Lesbos. The Alexandrians included her in the list of nine lyric poets. Her birth was sometime between 630 and 612 BC, and it is said that she died around 570 BC, but little is known for certain about her life.
Sappho‘s poetry was organized into nine
books by the Library of Alexandria (Egypt), and
was highly acclaimed throughout history.

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