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Battle of Los Angeles

Summary: It is very rare that among the annals of Ufology.

Most prolific news into the web as God it is an UFO, our controversy report and skepticism Throughout this entire control as many persons claims this power, It seems to be no more than conjecture so very little text actually written for me.

1942 footage and radio report of "Battle of Los Angeles" synchronized.

Presented as a lot conflicting stories by witnesses of the event and include the conflicting accounts of the night by the Secretary of War and the Secretary of the Navy.

Now almost 70 years later, the alien invaders have returned as many news every day Us forces engaged in war with an unidentified flying objects so we are shocked by this vast of money, also pay tax money, so God is not a UFO, but there stand more Civilizations, that planet earth not have known about as universe or if you like astronomers of today tell into every book and news that, the Astronomers have 0 per cent of Knowledge of Universe.


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