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we're lost in a cloud with too much rain we're trapped in a world that's troubled with pain
but as long as a man has the strength to dream he can redeem his soul and fly...



On May 10 2012 at Lorraine, France 2 Views

Avatar coya_rabioso

Coya_rabioso On 11/05/2012

con el colorado acertaste
y el pelado no se como se llama pero fue bajista de queens of the stone age

Avatar gosh_gg

Gosh_gg On 11/05/2012

un geniooooo

Avatar neversay_morir

Neversay_morir On 11/05/2012

19 de Abril :)

Avatar britishdrug

Britishdrug On 10/05/2012

Elvis siempre me pone de buen humor.

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