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"Kirby Steel Buildings & Foundry" for Blackstar Galaxy Meteorite

After getting to see the inside of my father's new friend's foundry building and seeing how metal is hoisted and carried from one end to the other end of building (in chains) to being cut and welded upon. Would attract my attention more so. Making me think on how to get a lift like that over a house that needs rooftop repairs or replacement.

A little while later, a newer friend close to my same age (at eight years old), would have me follow him on foot from house to house selling newspapers for our local town of Clinton, TN, in where I would join in and earn $0.68 in a couple of hours.

Then a little later. My parents would move me to Houston, Texas. And I would have to leave good friends behind after living there in Clinton for two years. And shortly after learning how metal is joined together with various techniques I would shortly start a new job with my father in another steel foundry.

At age ten, I would be forced to work in a part of the huge firm as a painter. Using brushes and air lines. To learning how to coat paint over table legs for schools and desks to baking the elements in helping them harden into a tuff water-resistant shell. [More will be added at a later time.]

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