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Michael Keeley Cornerstone Research

Economic and Financial Consulting and Expert Testimony: Staff. Michael Keeley provides economic, financial, and statistical consulting and expert testimony. He has consulted and served as an expert in a variety of cases, including antitrust, intellectual property, product misrepresentation and consumer fraud, securities fraud, breach of contract, and environmental matters. He also has served as an expert and consultant on class certification in antitrust, fraud, product misrepresentation, and breach of contract matters. Dr. Keeley has provided business consulting on pricing, auction design, and strategy as well as public policy consulting on a variety of issues involving energy, labor, and financial regulation. He has worked on cases in a range of industries, including oil and gas, health care, computer software and hardware, medical devices, automotive, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, financial, and real estate.

michael keeley cornerstone research Economic Financial Consulting Expert Testimony Staff

On February 23 2015 at Zurich, Zürich, Switzerland 31 Views

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