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Fotolog Man or Real Scientist - Who Dares to be my new Subject!

Stranger than Fiction or I'm Insane.

I found him on the internet somewhere ???

I hope he doesn't get mad!

"You wonder whose next. It could be you."

I don't see fotolog adding my true face here or anywhere. But does that mean I'm invisible all over the net. "Why of Course it does" and I will be listing my face one day. But when? Is a very good question.

squid eats trilobite pearceite T2ac

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    pertaining to,
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    or found in a garden"

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    Photos of flowers, plants, bugs, animals, birds, landscape, geology or whatever nature gives you room to breathe. Please be as informative or descriptive as you can about what a plant, animal or rock is. To me, education about nature is a strong part of knowing nature.

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