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Biker Suit - Swimsuit of one quantam of a few Super Ones

The swimsuit came from just me messing around with my "rainbow (amoxenyte coral) magma" and adding a double image turned to opposite direction with beautiful contour-foliage and making opposite directed copies of each of my metallic and best cavern rims, braces, arms, bridges, railing, wire-lines, stringing coils around pockets and to building up the shape and form.

Now after so many years of waiting to do more creative work with new styles I haven't shown anyone yet and haven't messed around to experiment with. I'm hoping to start teaching children how to create like never before. {With the help of a Chinese friend that sent me the photo workshop to build and create with. And with an older photo-shop belonging to a Compaq PC} a lot of my artwork will be seen other ways shortly. Meanwhile, I'm still waiting on the answer to why such unique masterpieces were undersold at an Art Show in Spain. Compare to how the US made Picasso famous in America. ....My lawyers are finding it very hard to believe they would under sell my three pieces. []Go to Part ll for more info[]

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