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Crazy Friend - wearing my newest Aquarium Mohawk

it's taken years to get him to pose due to all those that had taken advantage of him and leave him with nothing to his name because he was such an easy target by the most vicious people on the earth. he needs to stay away from all those planet x men and green things with invisible antennas.

He's getting more trouble following him because he apparently likes being taken advantage of. But with his newest buddies and friends. I just hope it doesn't happen much longer.

He would be treated more decent if he would tell people the truth and no hide behind all those barricades and walls blocking his rights to live a normal life. (As long as people get away tearing him down they'll keep on taking him for everything). Although I think he's lost his key position and is sinking deeper. Aquatru-galimpei

rob foto hat aquarium aquarium cap cap work of art artwork art galaxy meteorite amoxenyte aaron a amyx squid eats elrathia style emoamor felicidad party hat party dress hair mohawk style sculpture by amyx sculpture by aaa-fm sculptured cap aquarium sculpture

On September 08 2014 at Texistepec, Veracruz-Llave, Mexico 361 Views

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T3ndencias On 09/09/2014

hello very good morning
, thank you very much for uploading

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aaronamyx On 10/09/2014

you're welcome anytime d/o)>

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