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Clowns in the Midst of Nuttary & Cakery Mixes - Amixes

Danielleal Vees B & Tatazinhamiau friend included. ...."If any person's knows them." You best better tell them I'm going to use strangers portraits even if they don't like it!

Whoa!! Buttery Creamery Toffee mixed with clowns and peanut butter rosary and whippery creamery to wishing pop gum and mucker beater snackers to shakes and cream sodas and wondering what I'll do to the next group of strangers.

"Will truly be a mystery behind whiskery and rhymes to butterfinger grimmery cakery blue berryery and malt sherry shakes, and I don't know what I'm talking about.... "Do I....?" Good Nitey!! ""Ye Ale""

Ye Ale Ale Butter it Up Creamery Clowns Clowns Funny cute retro hair hats ears muffs muffin cakes cookies sherry toffee somethingjust bit me so14 2012 and it wonderful nitey all foto mall yickity yall wickitty stall fall wondering towers skousens towers flowery nails dress dress me in my underwear cocoa butter cream floating mustache shake awack awake foto buttefet buffet buffy vintage button kid'z galaxy meteorite rainbow magma

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