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Jessica Brown is part of my stained glass top design Model

title is a cry-out with newer plans in the equilibrium with my exhaust after intake of certain changes made through the airwaves here on the net. with actual pieces of my materials (like seen photographed through here on fotolog) being added to tie-down durable plates. to being added to sweaters and jackets....while miss Brown will have a hard time hiding her true expressions, after we worked together on her costume. she is also someone i really do not know-either! -just a hang lose girl at best. Due to the conjunctions in where nothing of my art can be duplicated in the raw will set off a large spark across the fashion world. We can only measure up to a tee, to see what plays up next with these plans. A Joe Parker asked me to produce a flower like no other with a similar fashion - like I done on her, back in 1996. And so the tile design isn't knew really, but as a fashion statement. it is really. I don't need to do silly stunts anymore. Even like the one I did in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee in 1975. Me verses over 2000 girl scouts at one of their Jamboree's. THAT'S A VERY FUNNY STORY THAT MOST OF MY PAST READERS AND LISTENERS HAD REALLY ENJOYED FOR OVER THREE DECADES. NEXT TO; Something's Up! That gotten 37034 viewers and several bids on eBay back in 2001.

emo cute rambunctious witted out-witted witsfriends artwork digital artwork fire artwork flaming artworkvenomous snake art by aaron a amyx flammming artwork stained glass art stained glass black pink green food purple sew dress fashion fashion-style fashion-design modelo noodles model four fore forever_niccole kisses strange girls nights tights belts chains cosplay roy wood oak different hair strokes cats & dogs black stallion agree aaron a amyx fired art fire digital ink tattoo guns roses flowers blue skyblu sky blue sky orange bananascream shake amour trains cars muscle fab reptilian park dix reptilian park lizard turtle greens

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Avatar cheekythegnome

Cheekythegnome On 31/01/2014

Great work ! She looks fabulous ! Stained glass look clothing is a good idea !
Thanks for the flash the other day ! :-)xxx.

Avatar reddauug

reddauug On 31/01/2014

its not my fault. your name is catchy and sticky :o)

Avatar cheekythegnome

cheekythegnome On 01/02/2014

I thought my name was Cheeky the gnome ! :-)xxx.
( happy giggles ! ....)....Excellent ! :-)xxx.
Lots of love from catchy and sticky ! :-)xxx. xoxoxo

Avatar reddauug

reddauug On 01/02/2014

only if salty water wasn't soooo sticky, your skin wouldn't be trapped in such a catch. xxxx-xoxoxo - Mmmm-mmM, but then it reminds me of fried garlic shrimp pastries

Avatar cheekythegnome

cheekythegnome On 03/02/2014

Is this yummy ? :-)xxx.

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