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Isham Jones - Alabamy Bound (1925)

Isham Jones - Alabamy Bound (1925)


Alabamy Bound
Words and music by Bud De Sylva, Bud Green and Ray Henderson
Isham Jones Orchestra
Recorded January 16, 1925
Brunswick 2789

Isham Jones (1894 - 1956) was the leader of an outstanding band for many years, towered above most contemporaries because of arrangements and impeccable musicianship. He had a full, rich ensemble sound and good beat enhanced by tasteful use of tuba or string bass. He was a tough disciplinarian but equally important as a composer whose songs became standards and enjoyed great popularity. Jones began in Chicago in 1915 playing tenor sax and led a trio. Later larger groups at Green Mill and Rainbo Gardens and good runs at Hotel Sherman. While touring, he played New York and appeared in London (1924). Prolific recording during 1920s and 1930s, his fame grew as he composed a hit tune or two almost every year. A top arranger of his was Gordon Jenkins and musicians Joe Bishop, tuba, Jiggs Noble, piano, Johnny Carlson, trumpet, Milt Yaner alto sax and clarinet. Disbanded about 1942, thereafter led bands at intervals. Most notable compositions: "I'll See You In My Dreams," "On the Alamo," "Swingin' Down the Lane," "It had to be You," and "Why Can't this Night Go On Forever."

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