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A Climb Down Patio Entrapment Experience

DEALERS WELCOME - I'M TURNING INTO MAKING HAIR BARRETTES - LIKE AN OLD GAL I USE TO KNOW BACK IN THE EIGHTIES. JEAN WEST (Nope - Not Garland Westbrook). Which is Gene West. "But what a coincident - ehhh-hH?? To meet two similar individuals in two different locations. "Correct Sandy Bobbit??

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  • flowerpower


    flowers in their natural surroundings. No coloured or painted flowers. No other things in the picture but flowers.
    As description: Name of the flower and the country where the picture was taken.

  • circulo_dulce


    Grupo dedicado a los lindos gatitos y ahora tambien al mejor amigo del

    hombre tu mascota favorita ,el perro .

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