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January concatenations of art, archy and revolution

1. Life is a sad charade. An incorrigible foundation, which we overburden if we make it the only and/or complete ground of our perimiter logic.
2. And inclination. Which isn’t to say that potables don’t make anything happen—it’s that a good deal more is happening, and needs to happen, that can be contained within the boundaries of a green and curly vine. Innocence. Innocent as a pen-pal.
To illustrate my last remark. then, in this regard, two spheres as neighboring zones which experience temporary overlaps—not to incorporate one another, but rather enter into a concrete exchange relationship for a limited time—transitions, overlaps, and become possible for a limited time, but without synthesis and identification.
3.Innocent as a pen pal without hyphenation.

curly vine don marquis fatback & greens hyphenation mehitabel retro

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    "Echolalia" is an interactive installation based on images, sound and expressive typography.

    What I am after is to create a bank of images related to the theme "Echo” .

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