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Leg being drawn out of her belium makes Sense

Another idea has came to my mind. In drawing and creating with the digital paintbrush I have. It will be of various locals I photographed at the University Mall in Orem Utah in the past two years. Walking and waiting at the Evergreen Gardens Entry Way by RC Wiley.

None were aware I was photographing them. And hopefully they wont be happy with what I do with their images. "" "" "Oh - Y-e-a-h-h-h-H" "" """

"It's going to be fun! Hope you all enjoy the intrigue as much as all my other friends and strangers that have been following me for years.

Did you all know? That every single box I shipped every item in I sold on ebay were all handmade by me. And that every rock and stone I sold were mostly of my very own finds, shipped along with my handwritten invoices and in the thousands. Each with hand&ink doodling I created on everyone.

Thru eBay ID's - Golfyx & Amoxenytre - (with many shipped thru my relatives site: golfrmyx).

From Lace Rock to Trilobites.

And I stopped selling thru them about five years ago. Except for my old "amoxenyte" site, in which I went on with sales until about five months ago. Because eBay failed to credit me on a lot of special fixes. "So I dropped them to sell other ways.

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    Fotolog creado para plasmar toda la onda retro, estilo vintage, ya sea en moda y música, pero sólo de los años 80!

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    akatsuki :3

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