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Cosmos in the Cosmos 8-23-16

bokeh cosmos flowers nature pink telephoto zoom

On October 12 2016 at United States 424 Views

Digital camera : Canon / SX40HS

Avatar isaloves2

Isaloves2 On 14/10/2016

linda fotografia!

Avatar aaronamyx

Aaronamyx On 13/10/2016

Wait!! It should fly or float away until I'm shooting wings off of my signs awaiting to give flight-lessons to me under the toadstool 'awaiting to rise with my toothpick in a box awaiting to give the boot to the loot and wear jeans in a winding path by the pretty flower. - reddauug -galaxymeteorite -amoxenyte

Avatar solida_lua

Solida_lua On 13/10/2016


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