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hoverfly on a daisy petal in a stand of daisies at the liberty hotel flower pot garden

daisies petals flowers bichos bugs insects hoverflies zoom bokeh nature

On October 29 2014 at Massachusetts, United States 165 Views

Digital camera : Canon / SX40HS

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Great_bronte On 31/10/2014


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    ¡Hola! A todos.

    Este grupo fué exclusivamente creado para agregar imágenes sobre la Naturaleza, y todo lo respecto a ella, ya sea de sus mascotas, paisajes, o cualquier cosa rara que se les ocurra. Así que, sean bienvenidos. ¡Adiós a todos!

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    Photos of flowers, plants, bugs, animals, birds, landscape, geology or whatever nature gives you room to breathe. Please be as informative or descriptive as you can about what a plant, animal or rock is. To me, education about nature is a strong part of knowing nature.

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