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A Galaxy Meteorite! "Wow"

The same description was used after I had sold 300 pieces of this raw material as (imitational coral under another name as -amoxenyte). The idea in the change was accidental. I saw so many falling stars and a few would zoooom right by me, and one by even ten feet away. So I would go and find what was left. I only find tiny particles of iron ore and nickel. Then one night while camping outside up in some nearby hills, an object appeared to make me realize how the stars are directed to fall. Then I get hit on top of my head and to awaken to come face to face with an unordinary stranger. He tells me he would give me help of any sort in trade for certain treasures. Then he said; The amoxenyte was the first idea. ......"Nope!" It was first called "The Rock" Just as the first movie debut would come out starring the wrestler known as "The Rock" (Mister Johnson). And ebay put a stop at it right away by changing the way I would collect payment at end of auction. So I was forced to do something different. Then after selling quite a few at low prices. I would see the return of my friend. And he would demonstrate another unusual way to sell the material. So after I get it started and sell a few under the GM heading, I would realize there was a serious flaw in offering it as the GM until they told me a little secret. "There is something mixed in a few pieces worth a bundle of capital (that was sold and sent to the purchasers on ebay). Then he shows me a powder form of some yellow stone.

POWDER gold GM Galaxy Meteorite The Rock Johnson Dwayne Fire in the Hole Scorpian King Fire Painting Master Fire ArtistFire Works work of art art foto photo patience mcome meteorite man farce or true some rocks- -dont fall thru- -the atmosphere some are brought- -to other stranger- -fixes & differences stars stars & galaxyies stars & moons planet jupiter jupiter's surface jupiter photos u kno wut happens- -if all my photos- -disappear off the- -net??? Nasa will use my GM- -for new surfaces- -for other world- -surfaces. aaron amyx aaron a amyx fulguriteman amoxentye squid eats elrathia fossils AAA - Fossil Finds

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