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Há quem perca com a vitória de Portugal... xD

E ele que tinha prometido perder a virgindade se Portugal fosse vencedor! Estás feito! Não tens como escapar! HAHAHAH!!! xD

1 Boa Semana a todos *********************



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Miguero On 11/07/2016

I'm searching for a whole new beginning An endless void This notion that I sense within me You're still by my side Oh, I feel your presence You'll never leave here But if I reach out there to hold you Every part that's real disappears As I become more present now I can't see through the pain A hollow cut through my veins (the phantom takes his toll) The days that just keep on coming The stain that they leave I wish I could break this casket But I'm left here to grieve In a world of my own design As I become more present now I can't see through the pain A hollow cut through my veins (the shadows takes their toll) And did you leave me anything? You're the phantom of my past... Do you expect me to last, this way? (a scar and a phantom pain)

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