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Rental Avril Lavigne , Paper Owner!

Good Job Crying Have Drawing Board.

Fire Absolem Chicken Cook.

emo avril lavigne blood sucker goal flower much

On December 26 2014 at Osaka, ?saka, Japan 1633 Views

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Amoxenyte On 02/01/2015

have a Happy New Year - as long as you can before the world gets exhausted and passes out all over my front voyager deck of the USS Enterprise - Maine 2010


"IT'S NOW DECEMBER 32ND - Y=E-A-HHHHH>)=</\/>>>>

Avatar amoxenyte

Amoxenyte On 29/12/2014

Do you even realize what chickens are made of."?"

All them feathers and scaly legs and horned and hardened horn bill.

I don't think there's a drop of red meat anywhere on them. ....Do you agree!

Can they moo???

Can they sit on my flop too.

Can they dream like in a zoo.

Can they take a break in with the monkey's and giraffes and swim with lions out on the floor and dance all night long with Casper saying "a boo!"

And can they eat pink and purple mushrooms that sit on the bottom of an ocean floor"?"

Then dress in red - pink - yellow and - blue.....?


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