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While drawing face & another -a coffee drinker had to just stay

and watch as I created each illustration.... Taking an hour an a half per each one. The watcher just couldn't believe how the waitress poured my coffee without a drop or drip going elsewhere. She was so good that most other waitresses couldn't compare. He was a carpenter and she had been waitressing at this single café since she left school at the age of 18 and would leave her work at 52 years later. Though strangely due to how she left us. Two other girls that were talking to me regularly (within and close to that time period) would also leave saying no goodbyes. And the internet begin to alter a bit around me. However, there are many others that know how to say their byes and say their weird ways of reuniting with me on the internet saying hi again as if their isn't any problems. "LOL" I guess some people are just PLAIN OLE STRANGE -that way!

2014 art bell cafe chica coffee coffee drinkers cowboy hat cowgirl hat Diner eye flash foto friend hat Lost Me Motel nuvet party pink Rancher style two sores in eye waitress

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