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On my 27th B-Day I was led to walk 2miles to a new location

Here upon this location and with the crows zigzagging overhead in tree tops to serenade me all the way there and back home, this was the best treat in the whole world!

Plus I would later comeback with a camera an get this shot!

Living off the land - growing organic produce to rid myself of breast cancer fast - traveling nude on foot every day in my hunts for meat. Stepping on stinging nettle and avoiding all pains until I reached a mud hole and whollering in it like a sore cut or wounded cat or javelina to wolf. Was a must and keeping myself fit climbing trees and shooting arrows through wild game, helped keep m spirits strong and clean -even while covered in red or white clay 9which kept me cool during hot days and kept bugs off me with some use of pig fat or garlic rinses.

This stick dancer also reminds me of traveling from one tree to another by the means of crossing branches to branches for my approach on panther kids with strong agility.

Then during off days I would go to the neighbors homes (miles away) to play kick ball tag and soccer. And one day' I saw a dream on how to paint a dream catcher like no other, and started painting trees and making roller coaster webbing dream catchers. With eagles flying through the webs centers and deer running to the waterfalls outlets to becoming a "crazy fool" hunting rocks in Delta Utah.

dancing stick people aaron a amyx reddauug fossil hunter todayrarer fossil hunts stick people living off land organically love for outdoors mud baths pig fat ointments clay for healing red clay for stomach ulcers native hunter of texas last rainforest in texas rained 2-3 days every week and poured always behind me unless rain god saw i wanted to get wet nude hunting lived in the bush javelinas wer lean good for meat along with perch and alligator snapping turtles make good friends and good soup! then one summer i cooked to hot and fled Texas to Black Rock Territory of Utah Utalh not Utah Utalh for tall boys

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Los Pibes De Barrio Sarmiento

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