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So, the boys were at the Alan Car: Chatty Man today, but it's only aired Friday. Can't wait to see :)

And tomorrow: BBC Music Awards. I think that's the last time that they appear "as a band" before the break :( I hope I'm wrong.

Liam Payne Niall Horan

On December 09 2015 at Portugal 5 Views

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Palvin_barbara On 10/12/2015

Liam looks awesome as always :)
I hope the boys win a lot of awards at the BBC Music Awards ;)

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Fanatikrock_agg1 On 10/12/2015

Nice pic Liam!

¿Pensas que OD se separán definitivamente o es sólo un receso?

Maroon 5 vuelve a competir el lunes junto a las otras
5 bandas que clasifican a cuarta ronda.
que estes bien!


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