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Latest Song from Ajay Devgn Starrer Movie ‘Action Jackson’

After Singham Returns, Ajay Devgn is again ready to rock with his amazing action moves. Yes this time his movie name is ‘Action Jackson’. A new song from this movie ‘Gangster Baby’ is now public. Watch Here: - http://www.nyoozflix.com/gangster-baby-song-from-ajay-action-jackson/

Music Action Jackson

On November 22 2014 at Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India 961 Views

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Amoxenyte On 04/12/2014

I'm sorry' I don't know the lower clown as he peddles across his keyboard searching for away to escape his seat and I probably left a wad of sticky wet gum for.

Want some fiery-cooked and sculpted abc gum instead??? By local stars I collected from their hares. ;o)=

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Fulguriteman On 26/11/2014

"I'm Sorry! I thought you were showing a photo of a star or a person posing as a stunt artist or of a man or child playing with a knife....... "For Show & Tale Probably"

That's why I responded with lower bracket of sackettes and crocheying works of nomerks because they wanted the werks and no jerks. .... Until elephants would work on their twerks and twerking to lose some extra weight. "Is that what you were posing for in the nude with one -for?

I figured it was and had to be if not on the road watching my or your speed d\o)=

But don't worry! I'm going off to make some new shoes now. The same lawfirm as possibly of your own "knows" about them. But no one has seen these ones finished yet.

"So hang onto your toesies!

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Fulguriteman On 26/11/2014

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Samurai Swords are Great for all sorts of fun acts and video dances. But I like flaming swords and long blade knives due to the flamboyant instrument of stunning to capturing feasible and sought-after favorite moves by stunt artists -like myself.

But I've done it so much and have been exploring to climbing that my arms feels like they're "ripping off" and worsening now.

I'm sure I can still paint with them and fire. "The way I handle spinning to twirling knives in mid air has always been captivating by most. To where they "see from a far" that the throwing always appears to look as if I'm going to catch a knife out of a long -fast-fall- to where it appears I'm going to possibly get stuck with the point going thru my hands or to slicing them up badly. [That's why no one should try these stunts without good practice]

If you saw how I moved a slow burning fuel line to where its melting away in my hands at dangerous close-up views -you would know I have had been training myself for years in how to handle fire with chemical paints to model and aerosol flaming thwarts to making it look like magma swirling "over and around" my bare hands. ....You would know I am a strong master with working and handling fire and its "burning fuel" until I hit the ice packs (after seven to fifteen minutes of bare skin and fire working together) making of my newer magical experiences to making fire artwork like Galaxy Meteorite's -reddauug

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